Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cool links.

Hi, this time I want to share with you this very interesting websites with links to acupuncture. I look forward to translate my certificate of ear acupuncture Auriculotherapy and get my license, I like sharing everything I have learned since I was in college studying Medicine, then natural medicine and everyday I have learned something new, Blogging to share my Natural Healing Tips is the fuel to keep working and renewing my energy for the next day, I cannot describe how thankful I am with my blogger friend Hip mommy who show me how to start writing a blog, because there is so much to say everyday, and if is not written it may be forgotten. Thanks Hipmommy, this is her neat website, it has all kind info, fun, offers, tips on saving money online and much more
Post Update April 2015. The New blog of my friend is Poppincents

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