Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Podal Reflexology (foot)

Podal (foot) Reflexology.

The treatment of sickness using the manipulation of the quiropractic massage belongs to one of the most ancient method to help to the recovery of the healt as a natural alternative of healing.

The ancients knew and probe that the efects of this massage and manipulation of the foot were also not just limited to the foot but there is an influence to the reflex level related directly on this areas or zones, and distant organs. In this observations they had their basis to start the manual tecnique, that was call Podal Reflexology.
Based on this ancient knowledge, Eunice Ingham, american massage therapist had the idea of consider foot as a small drawing of the whole body, and create a new diagnosis system and therapy with podal reflexology, is beeing used more and more in Natural Healings.
There is more people interested in learning this tecnique not matter of social status, is amazing how interesting is for young people wich is good because this means that the people is opening their eyes to the good cures that we have at the reach of our hands practicaly with out any secondary effects, makes this therapy more popular among the Naturopathics, Quiropractics, Osteopatics, Massage Therapist.
Podal Reflexology is consider to positively influence in the disfunctions of the organs and corporal functions, specially to prevent sickness, however sometimes is not enough to cure 100%. Other Natural tecniques most be convined with it. Podal Reflexology can be used as addition to traditional halopatic medicine, homeopatic, naturopatic...
The tecnique of aplication is to creat an stimulation on the relex zone of the foot that reinforce the body functions, to get a stronger resistence when the sicknes apears.

This type of reflexology was used in China and was very popular as cure, diagnosis and to prevent sickness, also treatments of sickness with positive results.
This manipulations most not be confused with foot massage because this stimulations will creat a repercution in all the organism to be treated.
William Fitzgerald develop the theory that the body is separate for 10 lines vertical lines energetics, wich they go from the point to the toes to the head, this lines are divided in tree transversal lines so we can stablish a position of the body and organs in the body.
William Fitzgerald in the year of 1913 use pression in diferent zones or points of the body, wich effect will be anestetic to patients that were going to have nose or troath qx.

The conexion with the nerves, between internal organs ans zones of the foot it is demostrated that this conexion is real.
This therapy can be autotreatment, because the patients can learn and do it perfectly fine.
Most of the representatives of the Natural Alternative do not give enough importance to this therapy, even when the eficient work of this one is proben to be effective and possitive.
Probably some of us are not truly ready to share the gifts that God has given us, maybe some still need to feel they are required, and that fear should not be, because we will always be required and every people that can learn this and other tecniques of natural healings will be a blessing to the whole humanity specially in the trouble times we all be required on a given time.

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