Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rosemary Herb.

Put the flowers in a cloth and boil for one minute, then let it cool this is a very good infusion tea that will help your body to get rid of toxines in your body, drink one cup a day.

It is good for insomnia, depresion and headeches, also as astringent and antiseptic in some cultures, people will put this in the babies umbilical cord to dry it and clean it. Is also good regulating blood pressure and heart conditions.

For kids when they are sick also you can use it for articular pain, paralysis and vertigo as for weakness of limbs, sprinkled water in to the bath tub water put the whole leaves and flower or use an infusion about 3 cups of infusion in the bath tub.

To make a tincture you can chop some of the leaves and green sprigs then add a little bit of light wine, leave it for a few days cover in a dark place, then strain off the wine and drink it 5 drops daily in a glass of water. Rosemary tea is also a great infusion to place in your abdominal skin after delivery, it will help your skin get rid of the stretch marks. Also Rosemary tea is great for indigestion, add boldo and sage for this purpose.

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