Monday, November 19, 2007


I have been sick for about a week, and I lost my voice in this cold weather and dry hair the recovery from a cold becomes harder for the body and it takes longer. I 'd try to drink chamomile te, wich help at the moment but nothing untill yesterday I sent my husband to get me some Gordolobo te, at the mexican store and after drinkin tree cups of te and lots of water my voice is coming out, but still not 100%. I have been doing my christmas shopping from home and my kids are beeing really good. Usually every day I give my kids a Vitamin C with Equinacea and Zinc this is really good to protect them from a weak inmune system. That and a good nutrition, also try to keep your kids far from crawds in the winter if is possible. Lots of sleep too help your body to recover and be strong for when the virus or bacteria attacks. *Gargling frequently with a strong brew of elder blossoms and sage leaves and tops, add honey, a little bit of sweet almonds oil.
*Gargling two times a day with vinegar and bicarbonate
*syrup made with baked onion juice and honey taken warm.
*Strong infusion of leaves of honeysuckle for soothing the mucous membranes and expelling phlegm.
* Eat Garlic cloves as antibiotic.

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hipmommy said...

I'm sorry that you are sick... I hope that you recover soon so that your kids and my daughter can play together!