Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moringa Tree Superfood.

Moringa Tree I just got my Moringa Tree seedlings, I had them in a planter for a while then plant them in the ground after a week, they like the ground better. I have heard great things about this amazing superfood and wanted to give it a try, is going to take a few years before I can taste ut but we are getting there ;). This tree has not only tons of vitamins minerals like iron plus protein! Also has healing properties and can purify water o_O I know it sounds amazing so I just wanted to share with you my new moringa trees, I order them from I got them in less than 4 days!


Adelita said...

La moringa es un arbol originario de la India y aclimatado en las zonas tropicales de Nayarit contiene todos los aminoacidos conocidos, se le considera un superalimento ademas de tener propiedades nutritivas

Shine said...

Si Mami :) voy a buscarlos mas grandes porque se me secaron los chiquitos. De ti he aprendido miles de cosas de naturismo gracias Mami :)