Saturday, February 18, 2012


I've found the amazing blog of a humanitarian organization that is actually helping rebuild Sierra Leone in West Africa. As you know many places in the world have been affected by wars and other factors. In this case what it matters the most is that the people in need can be provided with the basics of needs. But is not just about giving them food, Khadarlis Organization is helping all this people in many ways, like education, water sanitation, illness prevention and energy independency by using solar electricity!
Is amazing how in this crisis they have found the best answers, we need to learn so much from them.
I believe everyone in the world should support this efforts, because they are the beginning of a wonderful new opportunity for people to per sue happiness in an eco friendly way. A world where everyone can have a green job and be able to feed their families with the product of their labor in a more natural way.

I invite you to take a look at khadarlis-change blog and the website Khadarlis for Sierra Leone and learn all the amazing things happening in the same world you live in.
Today is me, tomorrow could be you.
May God bless you all.


khadarlis said...

I thank you so much for the write up, wish the world was filled with people like you, thank you, much appreciation.
Aisha Khadar Desince
Co-founder and Executive Director
Khadarlis for Sierra Leon

Shine said...

No, thanks to you and your amazing labor I am so honored.
God bless you and all your humble work.

Salim I.Sheriff said...

I am amazed at how an idea like khadarlis- Sierra Leone could have started with an idea to connect hearts and minds of people who are just interested in helping others in distress by lifting them from poverty to wealth creation, God made man to make a mark in life and the best satisfaction in life lies in fulfilment of the soul whihc lies in human kindness and human interaction.. God bless the originators of an idea that brings peace and tranquility in the hearts of others and invariably peace on earth...