Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God, Homeschool and Freedom.

I have been super busy with my favorite job, I am talking about homeschool :).
I have to say that is not easy sometimes, just like any other job, but I love it, my kids are learning so much and get much more time to play and do other fun activities like swimming, tumbling, dancing and visit museums and fun educational places over and over.
I have a nice stronger connection with my children since we started homeschooling, it just felt like they were taking away from me when I sent them to school, and I could put up with it, if I knew that they were doing good and learning, but when I realize that my oldest one, was not even learning some basic things in first grade after beeing all day long!
I was disapointed and decide to do it myself.
I know a teacher in many cases is better prepared for the especific job of being a teacher, but I have 4 years of medicine school and 2 of computer systems engineering and 1 of natural medicine, so I think I will be just fine, but you don't need nothing but love to do this job.
One thing that helps me a lot is having a great curriculum that I know is not missing anything. Sometimes is even way more advanced than the curriculum used in schools but is better to be ahead, especially in case you find in the situation where you need to have your children tested.
Sometimes it feels like this country is not as free as could be, but in this case sure it is, I pray God that it keeps it this way.


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