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Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business for FDA and Pharmaceuticals.

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Antineoplaston used as Dr. Burzynsky protocol established is a proven CANCER CURE, the most aggressive forms of brain tumors and other types of cancer have been cured by HIS INVENTION, that later on was stolen just to apply their own protocols that actually are not as effective as the original Antineoplaston that Dr. Burzynski invented and with the one that cure his patients that end up in complete remission of cancer cells.
You must watch the movie and research about this.
These compounds are found in urine and blood in healthy individuals, so Dr. Burzynsky found with his discovery that adding this components into patients with cancer was effective cure. But FDA decided to patent Burzinsky’s protocols.
So Big Pharma steal the patent of antineoplaston Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's INVENTION.Peptides in human blood and urine were lacking on patients with cancer cells. Dr. Burzynsky extract this from individuals that are healthy and adds this compounds to patients with neoplasia (cancer), tumors, arthritis, lupus, leukemia and more... these antineoplastons are to strengthen the cells that kill the neoplasic cells (cancer cells), so again Natural medicine basis in place because this means that you have to give the body the compounds that are missing and then the body will respond. Working with nature is better than working against nature.
Chemotherapy in many cases does not cure patients and leave them with worst adverse reactions that eventually in some cases kills them.
FDA is not happy with non profitable medications, or real cures for patients that heal them fast and effectible as Dr. Burzynsky invention. Pharmaceutical industry + FDA spend millions of tax dollars, to sue and prosecute this Genious.
This reminds me how dangerous it is to allow government take care of so many aspects of our lives, Government’s intervention in this matters should be limited.
Patients and Doctors should be free to decide what treatment they want to follow.
Watch the movie Burzynski Clinic Chemotherapy or radiation was never needed in any stage of the cancer treatment with Burzynski original protocol so be aware of maybe some doctors, hospitals may want to add chemotherapy to the treatment, which again... according to Burzynski this is never needed, and their ideology is "First do not Harm".
Here is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski facebook click here
You will find some misleading information like in Wikipedia where they talk yes about the legal issues against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski but remember that all this is a lie, and is the attempt to cover up a great discovery, one that can save
millions of lives!
FDA doesn’t care about the people’s health. They care about their business growing and staying in power and control of what you can have or not for treatments even if this means to don’t have the right to live.
The job of the Government and FDA is the one to protect consumers, but they protect pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Burzynsky, Houston, TX.
This is the inventor of Anti tumor Therapy proven supported by many doctors like Dr. Li-Chuan Chen, PhD and Julian Whitaker MD.
The levels of Antineoplaston AS2-1 that involves
Around 476 ug/ml of Phenylacetate
Around 11,088 ug/ml of Phenylacetylglutamine
And Antineoplaston A10 that involves
Around 2,378 ug/ml of Phenylacetylsoglutamine
This are the level values of the compounds Antineoplaston Therapy in blood of Dr. Burzynski’s patients.
Pharmaceutical companies amend and experiment with different doses MINIMAL doses, probably trying to make it more profitable or not effective.
Some pharmaceuticals experimented in patients under support of the FDA and with altered protocols that did not match Dr. Burzynski’s protocols that in fact were effective. All this information is taken from
the movie BURZYNSKI.

Since 1995 all cancer patients who received Antineoplaston therapy in US did so under FDA approval.
Treatement with phase 2 fDA clinical trials without aid of the National Cancer Institute or any other cancer research entity.
Antineoplastons are responsible for the first RECORDED CURES IN MEDICAL HISTORY FOR INOPERABLE BRAINSTEM GLIOMAS in Children with a 30% - 50% survival. Cure defined 5 year survival. FDA is requiring children with inoperable Brain Glioma to also undergo radiation treatment! Claiming it would be “unethical” not to do so.

Dr. Oz interview with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

DCA-Cancer Cure Discovered. But You Can't have it.

Is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski Legitimate? yahoo answers. If you watch the movie you will know that is true because there is many patients, parents of little children who came in his defense on the courts, so there is a cancer cure.

Now, I want to remind you about urinotherapy which is something similar to this and is free.
God has given to us everything we need to heal.!/stanislawburzynski find him on facebook for the latest updates! The case is close all charges retired, he is free to practice medicine and help people to heal.


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Like Burzynski: Cancer is a Serious Business? You can vote for the film to win the 2011 Audience Award at Documentary Channel for the filmmaker to win money to fund another film or his philanthropy, and you are entered to win prizes too. A win/win situation. Vote here - every day!

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