Friday, October 21, 2011

God is your Father; let yourself in His Powerful Arms.

This world full of hate, this world full of horrors of selfishness is going through a catharsis and heading to disaster. The lack of love in one’s heart and mind is the cause of so much misery in the world.
If only every single person in the world would chose for Once to do what is right to stop thinking just in them, to stop thinking that they have the power to direct the future of the world.
Haven’t you heard that the heavenly father has its own plan, and is not alike yours because His plan has nothing to do with this world, with ambition, and all the low vibration feelings that many humans embrace, and what is worst to use these low feelings to dictate what is going to happen with their lives and their surroundings.
Earth is going through a pathological stage, we are all feeling it. Whole countries are feeling it, every single one of them.
But if God has given our little body a defense mechanism, how much bigger and powerful mechanism do you think the earth has been given to get rid of sickness?
The micro cosmos is as infinite as the macro cosmos, and the same laws of the Universe of God apply to all creation.
Only fools like the human race dare to play pretend control these laws and mess around with the non variable Universe.
The leaf of a tree wouldn’t move if it wasn’t God’s will.
That simple, and that complicated.
God send His son to this little tiny planet to show us how to grow spiritually, how to actually become transcendental beings. The only way to preserve anything that you are after this world is to follow a simple rule.
Love God; Love others as you love yourself.
Is not that simple, because first we need to love ourselves, if we don’t love ourselves then we cannot love others or love God.
So first know yourself, once you figure out that there is no way you could be the product of coincidence, you realize that you are product and creation of the Universal Designer which we call God, the only one
I am who I am.
As creatures of their parent we are alike in so many ways, but as a little child we need to learn from our parents, and is not until we grow and get hurt so many times that we understand God.
Just as a little child we need to be obedient, humble and smart.
It doesn’t matter in what kind of family you were born and raised, at first yes, you are a sponge and take so much from your family for good or for bad.
But after a while especially when you became a teenager you start to question many things about your parents, and is not that they are bad is just that we are all different and we all learn different things in life because even when we are all sons of God, we are all different. Even twins are different in some way.
No matter what religion, no matter what country, no matter what, we are all the sons and daughters of God, and that is the identity that we should finally adopt and embrace.
Be like Jesus, he came to show us how to be sons of God and your capabilities, he had to die for us because he thought you were worth it.
I don’t want to disappoint Jesus, and I don’t want to disappoint God, just as I want my parents to be proud of me.
I know there is so many young people turning away from God, because they relate their relationship with God, directly to church or religion, where imperfection is featured because the church was created by man, not by God.
To all those young people I want to say that there is nothing you need to talk directly to God.
No phone, no church, no priest… A priest can give a good speech and share the message as Jesus disciples did, but you need not anything to talk directly with God.
The only way though is His son, imagine that you sacrifice your children for a cause and then people doesn’t want to give credit to him? Not nice right?
So, once that you have know yourself= God’s son or daughter, then you are in connection with the Holy Spirit which is God presence in everything you do, if you may.
From now on, concentrate in creating harmony in your world, create good, be a creator like your Father, create good things, good feelings, love and fight constantly anything non positive that comes your way.
At the beginning is so hard especially if you have been submerged in the world and its dangerous distractions.
But when you try it one day, and then next day, you may fail once then you keep trying then the longer you try the easier it gets.
The trick is to practice just like in any sport or discipline, we must discipline our brain to stay positive, to stay wonderful, and not to feel angry or as a failure because sometimes we give up, you will get up stronger, as long as you don’t stay in the hole to long.
The power of God is stronger than anything else in the Universe because He created it.
The power of God will be with you, when you open the door for Him to enter your heart and your home.
Make a temple for him in your heart and mind, keep it clean daily.
You will see how the power and grace of our Holy Father reigns all over your life, and the blessing are countless, He will give you more things than you can ever imagine. He will bring you by paths you’d never expected to walk and He will be with you every step of the way.
Then is when we can start to understand the dimension of His power and glory. And you will feel so protected and loved, and His love will fill your heart with peace, love, contempt.
He will keep your life exiting and full of love and what is best; the blessings will pour in your loved ones.
Now, when you are in God’s arms your desire of seeing others enjoying this wonders is unbelievable strong, this is why I wrote this.
Remember our God is our Father and He loves us, no matter what.
Every day is a good day to start looking for him or open the door 
May the Holy Spirit of God guide your mind and heart, from now on and forever.

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