Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 step to improve your health in 1 day.

1 step to improve your health in 1 day.
Our Universal Designer God has given everything we need to be alive and well here on Earth.
The number 1 step proven to improve your health in one day:
Eat a rainbow; Eat all the colors of the rainbow, any fruit, veggie, nuts, seed, and sprout.
Eat your rainbow every day and you will see your health restored in a matter of days.
Eat them raw if possible like carrots, celery, broccoli, and many more that you can find in the fresh market.
You don’t need to stop eating meat, add more fish and dairy products like good free of hormones milk and fresh cheese just eat less red meat and more of other colors in veggies and fruits.
Is that simple, this is true, this is proven, this is the best way to lose weight, and this is free information for you. The fact that doesn’t cost money doesn’t mean that is not real, stop spending hundreds of dollars in products and pills and programs that don’t work and harm your health or give you no results.
Eat your rainbow for real every day, and enjoy health freedom.
Now remember that the establishment has start banning supplements and nutrients, so we better pay attention and eat our way to health freedom before we don’t have the chance.
When you go to by food at the supermarket we go to buy food, not garbage that is not nutritious.
We must eat because we need nutrients to sustain our body’s life, why to feed you poisons or products that are not nutritious? These products are actually poisoning your system and tricking your senses, making you sick, overweight and sad. Making your immune system react to these toxins and live in a eternal state of alarm, this is when immune disease comes in place, and allergies and else.
Please, is a simple as 1 simple step………… real food, eat your natural rainbow every day.
Start today and claim the quality of life that belongs to you, trough the gifts of our Creator.

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