Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unblock your 7th Chakra.

How to unblock the 7th chakra pineal gland?
Lymphatic drainage.
Some say that if you are able to unblock this chakra you automatically will unblock the lower chakras.
Ancient philosophers used to refer to this gland as the home of the soul, half and inch long and 5 m wide, around edge of seven years old stops its growth.
The pineal gland reacts to the right stimulus in the exterior, habitat, cosmic energy, emotional situations, especially light exposure, lack of light will produce a poor work of this gland and less production of its hormones, this gland is also related with the circadian rhythm of the body as when is time to sleep, eat and be awaken. The hormones secreted by this gland are melatonin, menanofora hipofisiarias, stimulates aldosterone secretion.
This chakra is related to the integration of the personality with life and spiritual aspects of the universe and humanity. This chakra connects us with the universe and all the higher energies, helps balance and blend your being physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
When your seventh chakra is unblocked and working just fine the person will experience spirituallity in a beautiful and harmonic way, pasionate and balanced. Is hard to explain but is related to the general well being of the person, this person will experience his life in a more trascendental way and try to not be attached to the mundaneo r material world.
When your seventh chackra is blocked, the person probably haven’t experienced that cosmic conexión and doesn’t ring the bell when it hears about it either. May try to fill the emotional holes with superficial things, that just won’t do it.
At AMITA I was teached a method to unblock the seventh chakra, which is not conventional at all, and it may sound pretty weird to you all, but this Works and Works even better with a lot of faith in God.
Someone will have go help you with this proccess, before anything you must have a loved one or a good samaritan that is willing to help you, or you can do this for the person first, so you show them how is done and next is your turn.
Get a glass of wáter and mix one table spoon of alcohol on it.
Get an empty cup or bowl.
Get a towel or paper towels you may need.
Love for the person you will get this done.
Who ever is going to do the procedure must pray for this person first and wish well,
Take a sip of the water with the alcohol DO NOT DRINK IT,
Place your lips exactly in the middle top of the head,
You know in the place where new borns have a soft spot .
So you place your lips in this area, then you release a bit of the liquid in your mouth, then before spills all over you suck the liquid back in your mouth (DO NOT DRINK IT) THEN spit the liquid in the empty bowl or glass.
Repite this procedure 3 times.
So there you go, there is many stuff around telling you how to unblock this chakra, this is the way of the Indigenous medicine from ancient maracame doctors in the wixarica and náhuatl cultures.
Foundations of Manual Lymph Drainage

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