Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A
Me and my family recently visited Mexico for vacation, after two weeks back home my daughter start having abdominal pain, fevers for about three days with nausea with vomit, I noticed that her urine have turn orange and smelly, honestly my first thought was an urinary tract infection from the pools, but later on I talked to my Mom and she told me that orange dark urine is a sign of liver damage, so when we took her to the afterhours clinic on Sunday the doctor run a urine test and come back negative, then she prescribe the antibiotic just in case, but I mentioned and question about the hepatitis, and then she order a blood test for acute hepatitis so we got the results and it turn out to be positive.
There is no actual cure for hepatitis A because it is a virus, and all viral infections usually go away by themselves in a week or so, anyway this is a critical condition if not treated right and by that I mean, change your diet raw vegetables specially carrots are helpful because of the vitamin A, you want to eat vegetable broth and little or none of protein and fats. Eat fruits and veggies.
You want to start taking
Zinc, vitamin C, boldo tea, garlic cloves or capsules, chamomile, dandelion tea or salad which helps the liver cleans the blood from toxins.
Drink lots of fluids, cranberry juice, St. john’s wort, olive leaf, Uncaria gambier herb, artichoke, burdock, Ligustum, Milk thistle extract.
Totally avoid alcohol or any other type of drugs.
Stay home while you are experiencing symptoms like vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, itchiness, jaundice of skin and eyes.
Some people can get this virus and not even notice sometimes the symptoms are mild and you can feel just really tired.
And lets pray we can all be healthy soon :)


Biologiando said...

Good luck on that :)

Jeny Smith said...

In case of hepatitis of any type, we should concentrate absolutely on the foods which provide relaxation to the liver, as you mentioned. Alcohols, spicy and fried foods, flesh of any type, Colas etc should be avoided.

Shine said...

Hi Jeny you are right, I forgot to mention colas and any kind of soda actually :)

Shine said...

thanks Biologiando, is getting better day by day, the diet makes a huge difference, also is a good time to improve the healthy habits of eating right :)