Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breastfeeding Guide.

Breastfeeding simple

Learn more to successfully breastfeed and give your baby the super food he absolutely needs to be strong and healthy!
One of the most wonderful miracles in nature after a mother giving birth is the ability of our bodies to produce the perfect food for our offspring. I agree that just like delivery is not an easy task, breastfeeding is another challenging process that actually if you have done it, you know that what it takes more from you is patience! you must endure pain and suffering in order to be able to enjoy this gift from nature and God.
Many moms refer that breastfeeding was easy and have not problem breastfeeding their babies, what an awesome gift! I remember when I breastfeed my first baby the pain and anxiety were amazingly intense, but even then it never crossed my mind the choice of quit trying. Probably due to the knowledge I acquired trough years and years in the health field specially what I love the most; natural healing.
There is a strong reason why breast milk is highly recommendable for your baby.
The nutrients in the mother’s breast milk cannot be reproduced in a lab; these nutrients are custom made for that specific baby! Immunologically compatible!
God has given us the PERFECT FOOD, for our baby loved ones, there is a reason for it.
If I tell you that breast milk is the only food (outside fish) that contains omega3, would you believe me? (Custom made for your baby)
Did you know this amino acid is to blame for human brain evolution?
What is going to happen if we deprive our children from this amazing nutrient? You can find supplements for omega3 in the market? Yes, can you supplement the specific omega3 in the right mix of amazing nutrients that nature has given to your baby?
No, we cannot supplement a custom made food for our babies.Click Here!
And if I go further and to a most serious fact
Did you know that our baby’s digestive system is not designed to drink cow milk; (because calf’s intestines are made to drink cow milk, and a baby digestive system expects human milk) Cow’s milk would make a baby’s intestines to bleed, that is why baby formula was created.
Cow’s milk is the source in “Formula” I mean… the name is telling you, that you are
Feeding your baby a Laboratory created “Formula” to make your baby “survive” don’t die and keep growing and alive…
But what this means? Against the next sentence:
Feeding your baby the best food in the WHOLE UNIVERSE, MADE JUST FOR HIM OR HER!
Making them healthier for life giving their brains the capability to evolve!
And pass along to future generations.
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You are not going to notice brain evolution in one generation, someone in the future will notice it in ten or twenty years! Actually we can already see some of the damage Formula has done to our civilization.
Formula is not easier to feed your baby, you must carry bottle all over, you must mix it with water, and you must reheat in the microwave which probably kills some of the few nutrients on it.
The profits of this baby formula companies are huge and it just comes to my mind, why are we paying so much money for something BETTER that we can offer our babies FOR FREE!
May God give us wisdom and give us the courage and strength we need to be successful in doing what is right for humanity. And remember that is much easier if you visualize yourself breastfeeding your baby all during pregnancy and while you struggle doing it, you can do it, and the pain will pass but the joy will stay forever with you, the happiness of seeing your kids growing healthy and strong.
And don’t forget about the emotional side! The effects on self esteem and the love received while the baby bonds with the mother are of an amazing huge value, you cannot get this from a 1000 dollar session with the psychologist doctor.
What you are doing when you take this great opportunity in life is one of the best investments ever.
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