Saturday, February 12, 2011

Adenoidectomy success

I am so happy, my son had an Adenoidectomy done by ENT Dr. Feodore Ung and the operation was a success, I did not have doubts about my Doctor's knowledge, but I was always concern about other surgery risk. Thankfully everything went well and the BEST OF ALL, my son is been breathing just fine now with his nose, at night he sleeps so good, no more moving around the bed, kicking and jumping or gasping for air. I am so thankfull to Dr. Ung and to Dr. Russell who sent us to Dr. Ung. and with my friend that recommend Dr. Russell the best pediatrician ever.
Everyone in the hospital was nice and proficient at their job, Edward Hospital is very nice.
I am also very thankful to my Hubby and his and my family for all their support in every way.
This is how God works miracles, he can always use nice good people to work His wonderful power.
Thank you Dear God.

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