Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shivambu Kalpa the Ancient Healing Therapy

I just find the latest discovery of farmaceuticals... they have discover INTERFERON, Interferon is the mother cell of all the defense cells in our body like natural killers, Linfocites T etc... so before you spend hundreds in this medicine KNOW THIS, Shivambu kalpa has been an ancient healing tradition in India, Egipt and other cultures, this means using URINE your own of course to heal several if not almost all kind of illness and infections... I want to invite you to learn more about this because this is medicine that cost 0 cents. You should always go to your Doctor to diagnose and know more about your illness but this is a great alternative. Take a look, it doesn't hurt to learn :)
Shivambu KalpaThe Philosophy and History of Ortho-BionomyCURACION CON ORINA y Otros Metodos Naturales (Shivampu Kalpa) (La Naturaleza en La Salud)

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