Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post by Sai Baba translated by Shine.

Good morning today I got this great email from a friend in Argentina, I am not sure who the author is, but he is so right about all the things he has post in this message and I am so excited and happy I can translate and share with you.
This is a translation from Spanish to English made by myself Shine; the Author of this message is Sai Baba.

Walking fast toward 2012.
Have you heard about 2012 as a year when something is going to happen?
Well, there is several prophecies that indicate this date as a important point in the history of humanity, but the most important of all is the one in the Mayan Calendar, which prophecy has been interpreted of many different ways, the more negatives believe that this year the world is going to end, but this is not going to happen, it is known that this year the beginning of the era of Aquarius.
This is related to the complete rotation of the solar system (solar cycle), that is going through all the 12 different eras and each one of them last 5.125 years. The era we live in is the era of Pisces and started in the year 3.113 and ends in 2012.
The truth is that the planet is been changing its vibration state and this change has been intensified since the year of 1989 when the magnetic poles moved this last 20 years, which did not occur in thousands of years. There is then a change in the earth magnetism, there is also a change of conscience, adaptation to a physical level to this new vibration. The changes are not just only in our planet, they affect the whole Universe and the science this days has probe of this. Get information about the changes in the Solar Storms (not magnetic storms) and you will see that scientific community know about this things, or ask some pilot about the move of the magnetic poles in the last years, because even airports have had to modify their tools to this changes.
These changes in the magnetism translate as the increase of the light, a high peak of the planetary vibration. Just so you understand this easily you must know that this vibration is affected and intensified with the conscience of all the humans.
Every thought, every emotion, every new conscience that awakens to the conscience of God elevates the vibration of the planet. This may look like a paradox, given that the majority sees hate and misery in their surroundings. However this is not like that.
I have said this before in past post, every one chooses where to focus their sight, you can see only darkness those who are focused on the drama, pain and injustice. If you do not see the spiritual progress that the humanity has had is because you haven’t look well and focus on the positive. But if you do the right effort and free your mind of negativism you will open a space where this divine escence can be manifested and it will focus on what is really going on with humanity and the planet.
“We are elevating our counscience like never before”,
But how?,… don’t you see the darkness? You can say to me…
Yes I do see it but I do not identify with it, I am not afraid of it…
How can I fear darkness when I am seeing so much light?,.. of course I understand those who fear because I have been in that place where I could see just the bad things.
That is why now, I feel love for all that.
Darkness is not a force that pushes you to do the wrong or bad, or to live with more hate, darkness is not a force contrary to light, It is the absent of light, you can not invade light with darkness, this is not how it works.
Fear, drama, injustice, hate and unhappiness only exist in states of dim light, because you cannot live in the global context where you life is developing, the only way to see from the light is when you are there and is through faith. Once you empower your frequency and vibration (Your conscience state) you can look towards the darkness and understand what you have lived.

But… How can you say this, if in the world there is more evil every day?.
There is not more evil… there is more light!, this is what I am talking about in this post.

Imagine that you have a room where you storage from years ago all your belongings, and it is lightened by a 40watts bulb. Change now the bulb and use a 100watts bulb and you will see what happens there.
You will see the mess and dust that you did not know that exist. The dirtiness is clear before your eyes. This is what is been going on, and this is what has always been there, but now with light we can see it, actually this is the reason why many of you can read this and do not believe is crazy like it could be seen years ago.
Have you notice how now a day’s lies and frauds come to light faster than before?...
Well this is because we have access now to the Understanding of God and the functionality of life now is faster than before.
This new vibration of the planet is what have us all nervous, depressed and sick, because for us to be able to receive the light people must change physically and mentally.
We have to put our storage rooms in order, clean up, because every day more light comes to our conscience and even when you try to avoid this, you will have to chose start working on the cleaning and purify or live surrounded by dirtiness.
This change produces physical pains in the bones which the doctors can not explain or solve because there is not apparent illness producing these symptoms. They will tell you that is stress and is not that, is all those negative emotions, fears, anxietiy, sadness we have keep in storage for years that now you can see, so you can start cleaning it.
There is going to be night when you wake up and can not go back to sleep for hours, do not be afraid read a book, watch tv, meditate, don’t fight thinking that there is something wrong with you, is the new planetary vibration that you body is assimilating, you will go back to sleep and next day will not feel lack of sleep.
If you do not give the right direction to this process the pains will be more intense and you will get a diagnose for fibromyalgia, is the name medicine has given to this pains that have no visible cause and have no treatment to cure it, only antidepressants so you elude the opportunity of changing your life.

Once more time, you will chose in which reality you wish to live, only that this time the drama will be more intense and of course the love too. If the Light is increased causes this things and the lack of light too this explains why there is so much irrational violence in this past years.

We are witness of the best times that humanity has lived, we are witness and actors of the biggest transformation of conscience never imagined before.

Keep yourself informed, wake up your thirst for this themes, science knows that something is going on, you know something is going on, be the conscious actor of this times, don’t let this things scare you and caught you without knowing what is going on.

Sai Baba

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