Monday, August 2, 2010


Manzanillo, Mexico & The Costa AlegreThis has been a great summer, the beach in Mexico was great outside some crocs in Pto. Vallarta, the weather was nice. I loved to visit the beach of Manzanillo in the coast of Colima this is a peaceful and relaxing place, the water is warm, the air is warm and the breeze of the ocean feels great. I even feel healthier after vacation!,
One of the things I have been doing is having a smoothie of nopal with pineaple and celery, I know it doesn´t sound so yummy, but is in did super healthy, nopal helps your body gets ride of all the sugars you eat so it doesn´t add up weight, and pineaple is good source of fiber and cleanses your kidneys, celery great for your brain and fiber.
My Mom and sister were making this smoothies for the month of July, I hope I can keep doing this for myself back home.

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