Monday, August 2, 2010

My Organic Gardening Blog

After winter I was so exited with the idea of having a garden in the summer, I needed some help but I found the greatest blog about gardening, as I said this summer I try to make my veggie and herb garden grow nice and healthy, but the truth is that I am far from knowing all the tips that can make a garden almost perfect. That is why I am so happy I have found a great blog that shares all the information you may need to have a beautiful garden and a great experience for first time gardening.
I highly recommend you take a look at My Orgainc Gardening Blog
As a Master Gardeners, they are here to educate others on best practices for gardening.

We've made it through the harsh, cold winter and now spring has sprung! It's time to put away the down-filled coats, gloves and hats. Time to bring out the shorts, t-shirts and garden clogs!

Spring time means it's time to get started on your garden! Why not use the expert advice at (brought to you by the good people at to help you make your garden the best possible garden in your entire neighborhood.

Your neighbor may have that fancy snow-blower you've been eying all season. And the cranky lady up the street may always be the first to shovel her walkway...but this spring they will envy you! Because you will have the best organic garden in the whole town, heck maybe even in the whole county! sounds great right?
I found so many helpful tips in this blog, from how to start the soil, best products and seeds to use, also the timing of planting and the best organic seeds. I found information that will help me to make my garden the best in the block and give my family the best organic vegetables and herbs to eat and make delicious and healthy meals.

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