Friday, May 21, 2010

Wild bunny drama

Schleich Wild Rabbit FigureI love animals, specially the cute babies! For weeks we saw a Mom Rabbit taking care of the baby bunnies, but one day something kills almost all the bunnies, it was so sad! there was pieces everywhere! I had nightmares and couldn't eat that day :(
Now a Mommy rabbit is making her nest in my Planter! I am so puzzle, I am not sure the planter is a safe place for the bunnies. Or is it the same mom going crazy?, She keeps bringing grass cuts into the planter and make a nice whole in the dirt. I hope everything turns out good, after the bad experience, I wish I could do something to help them!
But I guess is just hard because we humans and rabbits have to learn to live together in peace. I wonder if I could provide a bunny house for them, but the fact is... they are Wild rabbits and they are wild because they can manage to survive alone, but with our homes, and roads, and fertilizers, we hurt their regular habitats. I am actually planting some veggie seeds in the ground so they can eat what they want. I don't know if that is good or bad, hope is good. Is there someone out there that can give me a good advice with my Bunny Drama?

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