Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Avatar, The real and sad story in India.

the company Vedanta, is destroying the habitat and town of a colony of people in india, they also want to destroy their sacred mountain wich they need to survive, the company has tried to buy them with money, but they just want to live as they know. The evil and the greed of this company is unmesurable and want to kick the people out using force, there is not right you have to watch this video to see how this story is exactly what happen in the movie Avatar, when I watch the movie I cried, and I know the human has done things bad, but this is so similar I do feel like doing something about it, and don't let this company Vedanta destroy the life of this sensitive and humble people, they are just like Us, why not to help them!

I wrote a later to the company, asking them to stop destroying their enviroment and town. Is funny because I found out that actually the word Vedanta actually has a beautiful meaning, if only they will remember their roots maybe they will stop
May God bless you.

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