Friday, April 30, 2010

I love bird watching

Birdscapes 366 Tall Tulip Garden Lantern Feeder, 6-Pound Capacity (Colors May Vary)I love and enjoy seeing birds in my backyard, it really makes up my mornings and I am always looking for ways to be more nature friendly but at the same time I love seeing my home beautiful, I just found this beautiful and special bird feeder that also provides water for the birds, I do like my birth bath and this is not a bird bath, but wild birds can drink while eating seed. I actually like the idea because I am always worried for the quality of the water they drink from the birth bath, because after three birds take a bath in the morning the water is not so clean anymore. I think birds love this is like for VIB (Very Important Birds) isn't neat!. This makes easy to provide wild birds with food and water. The design of this birth feeder is so fancy and stylish that adds a beautiful classy decoration to your patio! So is funcional and beautiful.

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