Friday, April 2, 2010


Cilantro Herb 100 Seeds -Coriander - GARDEN FRESH PACK!Did you know that Cilantro or Coriandrum sativum (scientific name) has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-gas properties?
Cilantro comes from orient, is an annual plant.
In Europe, Middle East and South American cilantro is essential in every day dish and recipes, rich in C10 and C16 aldehydes, is grown all over the word. We use the leaves and the seeds (coriander is actually cilantro seeds). The seeds are used to make the curry also.
You can add cilantro to meat, salads, also in tea as infusion, also as topic remedy to prevent or cure some infections.
The components of Cilantro are essential oils as tanin, malic acid, linanol, cerofileno, huelen, decano, these essential oils help facilitating digestion, eliminate gases, is also a nerve system tonic and antispasmodic.
So now you know how good this nice herb is, is also easy to grow so you can have it fresh which is the best way to have an herb. Bon apetit!

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