Monday, March 29, 2010

Parsley to prevent kindey stones.

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Parsley is a great herb, handy because I am sure you have some in your kitchen already.
Parsley contains apiina, oxiapiina, and essential oil of pineno, apiol, miristicina, vitamin C, pro vitamin A, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Our kidneys are always filtering our blood, from all poisons and over load of minerals that we have ingested.
This minerals accumulated in the kidneys need to be drained.
Our kidneys are in charge of the Homeostasis in our body, regulation of the amount of liquids, and electrolytes in our body as minerals, ph balance, and more.
The way to help your body do this, is to drink lots of water and God has giving us a beautiful plant called parsley which effect is also diuretic and stop the retention of urine.
Drink tea in infusion, 15 grams of root or leaves of parsley in 1/4 liter of boiling water, strain and then drink two cups after meals two times a day.

Parsley is known as the best treatment to clean your kidneys and is natural.
Pineapple juice and horsetail herb tea is also recommended and don't forget to drink water every day to prevent kidney stones.

Parsley = Arnica is also used in wounds also.
Wash with water and soap the affected area. Put pressure if bleeding for 15 seconds. Prepare 15 grams of washed parsley, and 10 of arnica Montana squish and mash leaves, use a micro pore fabric between the herbs and the wound.

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