Friday, March 19, 2010

"The Sun" Our very own star.

Dear friends
I want to share with you something that came to my mind just know.
The kind of light God has given us trough our wonderful and very own star "The Sun" Is irreplaceable.
the ones that desire control over your life, (so they can keep getting rich by selling you their stuff and services) rather, to keep you entertained with another light, from the computer, from the television, from the sparkles and colors in the mall, casinos.
We work day and night every day of our life in order to be able to look at this "artificial lights, artificial colors" This are mirages!
The energy of the sun is needed in our body and mind to be complete, healthy, purified.
Do you know why people get skin cancer? is not because the rays of the sun are hurtful, is because our skin contain so many toxins and poisons because of the bad food and drugs we ingest, that when we are in contact with Sun light this makes a reaction, the sun gives energy to the cells to try to get ride of the poisons.
Why is it that people in Africa or other countries where people spend 90% of the day outdoors DON'T GET SKIN CANCER?
Now you know why.
We have to expose ourselves to nature, I am talking about wild nature, kids are becoming sick when they ingest peanuts!, what is that telling you, allergies became more and more strong when we stop avoiding nature in our body.
Generation after generation of polluting our bodies, our genetic DNA doesn’t progress or evolve, but goes backwards.
Creating a human who is wicker and sicker and the Immune system gets so corrupted and attacked by new drugs, that finally loses the fight. That is what Aids is too.

So know this, when you get a fiber or a cough or a head heck, know that is your immune system giving you a warning, don’t run to take a pill to tell your body SHUT UP!, your body is telling you that there is something wrong, and you need to find out what is it. Go to the doctors office and have them make you exams, or maybe you will find out by yourself and then avoid the things are making you sick.
We have to learn to read our body signs.
If the immune system of a person doesn’t work right, then the chances of having a chronic condition grow bigger.
Please, do this thinking in yourself and in the future generations.
We have to love this wrapping (body) to our spirit, and take good care of, because it is a blessing to be alive, and we are the only ones responsible for our own decisions.
Antihistaminic are needed in extreme cases, but we need to know that the less we use them the better.
Little by little lets try to live a more natural life, a more peaceful and healthy life.

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