Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The living water

Living Water: Powerful Teachings from the International Bestselling Author of The Heavenly ManLiving Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural EnergyWe had heard these words from bible scriptures and we like to understand what the living water means. Ancient cultures did have love for nature and the elements of the earth because it was the way to understand that God was giving them love, trough the things in the world. All we need for our body to be healthy is here in nature.
Nature is not separated from God, it is His own creation, and as He said, It as good!
80% of our body is conformed by water. Water is needed all the way around us. Water is an essential and main component in the miracle of life.
Drinking enough water a day, 7 glasses of water, helps the blood and kidneys be cleaned and renewed. Also water is used for healing in Hydrotherapy that works by stimulating circulation inside our body.
Seeing water not just like another element on earth and have it for granted, we can see how the meaning and existence of water on earth, holds a deep meaning.
For example, who have not enjoyed the sound and the relaxing effect of rain?
Is the way God washes away all dirt; it is a spiritual cleaning and material too.
Those are my thoughts today, may God bless you.

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