Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking bad habits.

Inspired By The Bible Experience: Old TestamentBreaking bad habits is not as hard as we believe.
Breaking a bad habit can be changed with just one time decision and tree times enforce and conscious reinforcement, once that you kick a bad habit once, the rest is easy cheesy.
The hard part is to have the courage to make the decision and Do it.
Is amazing how after this, everything is so easy, but is a state of mind, this state of mind includes of course God in your life every second of the day, because we by ourselves can not do anything, we need His helping hand in every minute and second of our life, but this is what keeps you safe and away from falling into temptation.
Bad alimentary habits, drinking, smoking, guilt, fear, lack of tolerance, lack of motivation, etc… all this can be change if you want to.
And don't forget, that with out God, we are lost. God is the guide who leads the way, the force you need, the light you need to reach your goals, or I should say His Goals, because when we are in His love, we are a very important part in His magnificent plan. We are not smart enough to know what is better for ourselves (just like kids with their parents) that is why we have to trust Him, He knows what we need, and He knows what is best for us.
Let’s be obedient children for our Lord God, and follow His son Jesus foot steps

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