Monday, November 9, 2009

Natural cure against Cancer

Under the idea "If it doesn't cure it won't hurt me" a lot of people do not like to try natural remedies thinking that they may get more sick, this recipe is so easy and can do no harm,
This recipe comes from a Franciscan Fray Romano from Brasil he has been using this remedie for 10 years and cure all types of cancer, there is a man that was cured and he is so thankfull that he was willing to give his phone number to give faith and testimony
El que desee un testimonio de uno que estaba desahuciado de cáncer pulmonar, puede contactar al Sr. Fausto Pimentel, en Santo Domingo , Republica Dominicana al teléfono:
(809) 247-2316 (809) 247-2316
The recipe goes like this:

1 pound Natural Pure Honey.
2 Big leaves of Aloe Vera (sabila) or 3 small ones.
3 spoons of whisky, conac, or tequila.

wash the leaves and cut them into small pieces, then Mix in a blender untill you have a mushy paste put in refrigerator.

Take two spoons before every meal 3 times a day for 10 days........repite untill tumor or cancer is gone.

The lady sending the info, give testimony of a service lady in her house who had a tumor in her breast as big as a kiwi, she start the treatment and after going back to the doctor and test she realizes that the tumor is almost gone pea size and she keep taking the treatment untill it was gone.
I do not have cancer but also this is good to prevent it, I am going to give it a try, I know it doesn't taste great and it doesn't looks good, but Hey! I would take my chances for the big reward of beeing healty again :)


Dandruff Treatment said...

Whether you are trying to prevent cancer or are being treated for cancer, your diet will influence the direction of your health. You will want to include some of the top cancer fighting foods in your diet.

Shine said...

Diet is the key to prevent, let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine, if we eat healthy raw vegetables, fruits and love our body to the point of not allowing ourselves to ingest foods that are not healthy foods then we will have many more chances of living healthy and then happy :) thank you for sharing your wise insigths and for coming to visit. There is a south american fruit called Graviola that has been out as the new cure for cancer, I have research on this and it seems to be truth, I love graviola in mexico is called guanabana, great for fruit water :)