Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today I want to talk to you about a mostly magical cream lotion, if you are a mother of a baby who gets diaper rash often and all those oinments in the drug store are not doing their job,
I have good news for you, there is a wonderfull oinment called CAPENT Vitamin A 5000,000 UI, Vitamin D2 90,000 UI, Cod liver Oil deodorized 10 GRAMS, equal to 8,500 UI of vitamin A and 850 of Vitamin D2, zinc oxide 25 g.
This Formula is diferent that the formulas that you will find in other oinments in the market that are not good for anything, I have to kids and nothing but this Capent cream oinment work for them, I even use this Capent when my skin is irritated or dry beyond repair, this cream takes minutes or hours for you to see the positive effects in your skin.
Find this CAPENT oinment for baby rash in stores as Meijer, in the international medicine section this one cames from Mexico. And if you see Arnica oinment don't hesitate to buy it too it is awsome for bruises.

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