Monday, June 29, 2009


Stress relief tip
Leaving your mind blank may seem like an imposible task specially after a hectic day, but to be honest going around problems, and crazy thinking makes things worst.
Our toughts are powerfull and we hurt ourselves sometimes by letting them run with out control.
When we are not strong enough to control them, when we are not clear in our toughts or we just need time to calm down, leaving your mind in blank is the best choice, after a while you will be ready to think with more calm and not when we are stressed out, sad, mad, ...
Life give us plenty of things to be stressed about, and we need to focus our mind on the things that we should be thankfull we have and what we are.
Happiness doesn't come when we have all what we wish we have, happines is happening right now when we are happy and thankfull for the things we have, and with out giving up, we can be happy with what we have acomplish, and understand that trying to be a better person, doesn't mean that this person is not good, we are all learning here, we are all imperfect here.
I am now focusing my mind in positive toughts, and redirect the energy to a positive cause, because that is the path I choose.

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goodtidings said...

I appreciate your comments on happiness, nothing could be closer to the truth .