Saturday, May 2, 2009

There is nothing like a chat with your sister, or your best friend, or your hubby or who ever understand what you are saying, to heal a lonely and depressed heart. God give me six sisters and tree brothers, and a sweet Hubby, two beautifull children and enjoying them is the best therapy for my soul. Talking with my sisters is a healing treatment, cleans my mind, takes away all the bad to put all the good or at least a laugh.


goodtidings said...

I have 5 sisters and one brother. I know what you mean by the talk therapy. I dont see my brother very much and he actually loves to talk but it all self centered and he has many problems that he need more help with over talk therapy ,I feel. Mom says he seem better but I not sure how things really ae.
Well didnt mean to go there. I have enjoy reading your blog and do agree in the healing God can give us.
I do not like to take med but sometimes seem force too or perhaps i should say it probably the best thing for now. I know the natural healing works. so I going to tryu to catch up on your readings. thanks again.

Shine said...

Hi Goodtidings! hehe, Yeah, I know what you mean too, my tree brothers they don't talk much, you know I think that is not like they don't want to share and talk but they just need more time, more patience, more atention, my sisters they talk and talk and if they don't talk is because they really have nothing to say, but the guys... mmm we need to do cirgury to get the words out, but once that they realice that you are willing to take the time and show interest on what they have to say, then they chetchat forever :)

Yup, natural healing is just about taking care of yourself every day just eating as healty as you can it doesn't have to be perfect or radical, just with little things at the time that we change in our daily habbits :)
Thank you so much for stoping by and for your honest and open heart message :) Loved it!