Saturday, May 30, 2009

Milk with poison.

Alert Milk with added melamine.
Melamine is a chemical is white and comes as powder, unfortunally seems like in China, some milk producers are adding melamine that reduces the cost because they sell milk with 20% of milk and melanine 80% this is a poison.
Melanine has sent to the hospital lots of babies and kids and adults with kidney failure and kidney stones.
I got an email with some info about it, contains some of the companies in the US that actually buy milk from china milk with melanine, lots of chinese products including milk liquid and in powder chocolates etc... but here in america we have pizza hut, m &m's, sneakers, nestle, coffe starbucks.
The heartless people who does this are a perfect example of how little they care about the people's health, we have to look for ourselves and protect ourselves. In a world were the money rules over God all this can happen, we need to be closer to God and prayto keep us safe.

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