Monday, April 27, 2009

New Flu... get ready, keep informed.

We have heard in the news about the new virus swine flu that is spreading in few states in Mexico and USA, the virus was first found on a patient in US, later on more in Mexico city then in Canada, NY ... In the news and articles they keep saying Avoid Mexico, but not just that, in california and Texas and queens in NY, and some in Ohio and Kansas.
Covering your nose and mouth with a mask is not a bad idea.
In Mexico City 1600 have been declared sick with Swine Flu, from yesterday at today the count of death is the double from 86 to 140. (On top of that a 5.7 earthquake strikes this morning some people there are thinking the apocalypsis is here, add that the economics...)

specially before and during winter :

Take vitamin C,(immune support, antibiotic)

Take mineral ZINC, (immune support, antiviral)

Take EQUINACEA PURPUREA (immune support)
avoid going to places were lots of people gathers like bars, restaurants, specially those that are not so dificult to avoid.
I have always belived that prevention is the best way out of trouble.

What we need to know, the genetics of this virus shows that the origin is Euro-asiatic.
This Flu can kill you fast, can turn into pneumonia in hours.

You have to take action at the first sign of catching a cold ...

sudden Headheck
Runny nose
High Fever
Muscle pains
sore throat
and any cold alike symptoms...

The antiviral medicine as Tamiflu (around 100 dlls 2 pills a day, for 5 to 10 days), has to be taken before 48 hours that means with In the Two Days Begining of the Sympthoms in order to be usefull.
Because this is a virus and they spread diferently than bacteria, antiviral medicine has a diferent mecanism of action compared with antibiotics.
This means at the first sign of have catch a cold, we have to go to the doctor and have them make a test to make sure is not swine flu.

The US government has the antiviral medicine ready in case is needed.
Baxter Labs have say, they could have a vaccine in 13 weeks.
We don't need to panic, but we need to be informed and we need to prevent.
And go to the doctor if you have any of this sympthoms.

And one more recomendation, get Zicam, this over the counter homeopatic medicine, have been really good in other kinds of flu, so that can just be of help :)
and don't forget to take Gordolobo,(Mullion bark tea) In case you catch a cold.

God Bless us.

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