Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Gift of Jesus

The true meaning of Christmas,
this sounds like a cliche, but in did we need to remember ourselves every time we wake up this cold winter mornings what is the true meaning of Christmas

Is not about
Buying presents for everyone X
Is not about
stressing yourself about having family over for dinner X
Is not about
making 30 different dishes for the dinner X
Is not about
spending every penny on presents or things we think we need X

It is about to celebrate the birth of the only sent to earth Son of God who came to give us a chance and show us how we can be rightfull and divine just like our Father God.

So it is a time to meditate about this, is time to pray and enjoy all the gifts that we have the Gift of Life,
the Gift of Love,
the Gift of Comapassion,
The Gift of Truth, The Gift of Jesus in our heart,

so let this Christmas be your only present and best Gift:
"The Holy Spirit in your Heart and Mind and keep it forever and in the people of the whole world good and bad".


surjit said...

Wish you Happy Christmas and New Year.
God bless.

Lilly's Life said...

How are you going - long time no visit. Hope your New Year is a good one.