Monday, July 7, 2008

When using Garlic precautions.

When using garlic, mashed fresh as topical antibiotic, the dosis must be limited to once a day leave it on nail or skin if is for fungi, and then rinse after four hours, apply just once a day, and after tree days, stop one day then start again, do not use garlic for long periods of time in the same skin, Garlic is powerfull antibacterial, and antifungal but sometimes it can irritate skin or even cause blisters when applied a high dose. Try to do not use it in skin that is sensitive or to thin, is fine to use it on skin with more quantities of collageno wich makes it stronger as tip of the fingers, or toes and heels.
Garlic is good in capsules and even raw but overdose can cause vomiting and stomach irritation.
Everything in the right messure is best. :)

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