Monday, July 7, 2008

Breastfeeding was great, now How do I stop!

Stoping breastfeeding is not as easy as it sounds it can became a real pain, I want to share what I found is good to stop nursing less painfull

Your body will stop producing milk gradually after a few days of not nursing your child,
the first week your breast can get very swollen and painfull so here is some tips that will help you go trought the process with less suffering, and know that there is a pild that your phisician can give you to stop the producction but if you don't want to take halopatic medicine here is some natural sugestions... Also you can take ibuprofen, alive, to reduce pain and swalling.

Sage Tea
Cabage leaves (place them inside bra against breast)
Showers showers showers allows the milk to get out giving relief with out the sucction that can start production again. If your breast is too swollen express some milk out not to much but just with a little bit of pressure with your hand or just by taking a warm shower.
Wear a tight bra that embraces the breast tight and confortable sometimes is good to use it even at night just during the first to third day of stop nursing.
Don't stop drinking water.

It was kind of hard to find in the internet some info about this is not so commun, but maybe someone out there can use this info :)


soulMerlin said...

I don't really think that this applies to me, but I was really pleased to see you blogging I had to make a comment.

I have read the post very carefully, just in case however...



Shine said...

just in case! you never know right! maybe in your next life this can come on handy hehehe