Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sun Tea and Dried fruits with nuts.

Is not the diet of a squirrell...
Hi there, I am making a little diet here
I found that dried fruit and nuts mix is a great easy way to get lots of protein, vitamins, minerals. when we are in the hurry, they are delicious and you don't need to cook them, cut them just put a bunch in your mouth hahaha, also I am cutting all the bread and pastas.
I am drinking lots of Sun tea, I was not familiar with this kind of tea but last sunday while visiting my in laws they had this jar of tea (you add just water and the tea of your preference mint is delicious but you can do any natural herb you will like add some sugar and)... put it in the light of the Sun since early morning untill Noon, I just loved it, I have always been a lover of Tea and Sun, and Sun Tea is just the drink or my life haha
I recommend it, because the sun energizes your body and arteries and disolve energy clots in the channels and chackras so there you go and easy way to ge some sunshine in your life.


Survival said...

Yeah nuts are one of the most underrated health foods. Always a good staple. I've never heard of Sun tea either I'll have to try it sometime.

Rebecca said...

I haven't drank sun tea in years, but I do remember how much smoother the flavor was compared to making it on the stove.

One of my favorite nuts is pistachios! I make sure to get the ones with the hulls still on so I won't go 'nuts' on them LOL

Sorry I haven't been around as much. Been doing/learning and that has been soo time consuming :-/

Anonymous said...

I am adding to my diet alpiste and chia seed, it works like magic!