Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smile Recipe

*Have Faith in something or someone it doesn't matter what, as long is possitive.
*Have Hope in yourself
*Visualize your dreams and wishes in the future as if they were real, Right NOW.
*Know that you have in your hands your past, present and future, and this is the eternal present and every single step you take make the diference in your life, ask yourself everytime that you are about to take a decision, will this create armony in my life and the others? or not...
*Love God, Love yourself, and Love others, and your enemies too (mean it!).
*Ask for forgivness, and forgive yourself, right NOW.
*Don't ever live in guilt, end guilt by asking forgiveness.
*Make plans of a wonderfull dream you have and start taking the small steps to reach your goal, It doesn't matter if is little or big as going to the moon.
*Picture yourself Happy, with the person or persons you love, in the place you want to be and all the details you wish, put them in a bubble, and blow that bubble away, let the bubble flow away sailing trought all the Universe.


jollyjo said...

lol...really expected to see a recipe .

Very nice though...great reinforcement as we go about scouring the blogosphere...

surjit said...

Yes, it is indeed a great recipe for happiness.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

Shine said...

thank you for your comments, thank you for taking the time to read, time is very precious and I am glad you share it with me.
God bless you and see you around.

Nyte said...

very nice post shine and inspirational ty for sharing it