Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blogging Art.

Hi there, I 'd read article talking about blogging, and how to do it, and blabla bla, it was good, but did not talk about the real escence of this art, at the begining for me sound kind a confusing when my friend told me about it, and day by day it became easier and natural and really enjoyiable, sometimes I do not write because I feel I don't have anything intresting to say, but I should worry about it, because what is going on in my day, in my life...even then there is something always that we can say if we take a few minutes to meditate and just have a couple of minutes for ourselves, I need more accion and adrenaline in my life, blogging is pretty good as a therapy also where you can do poetry just as the the art of painting, sublime your toughts and feelings and ideas put an order and logic to them and make them beautifull and then...share, and when others read it, that is amazing, sometimes I complain that my kids don't listen to me, that my husband don't listen to me, that my family doesn't listen to me, and then when I see that someone leave a comment in my blog, I do feel REALLY good about it, because I know my toughts and ideas were not a cry in the empty space,... If we scream in the middle of the nothing nobody can hear anything, but still mean something at least for yourself, but when somebody listen some where, Does Not Have a Price, Today I just want to Thank~ Everybody who has read my blog, or just to take a look and people blogging and taking the time to read other humans ideas and lifes and thank you all for sharing and let me tell you that we are doing the right thing and sailing in the right direction, Greek Philosophers as Aristoteles would say that just by the dialog of a few brains together we can give live or give birth to the Knowledge (pensamiento).
Lets keep doing our good job, and lets be happy where ever we are.

3 comments: said...

Hang in there!

surjit said...

Hi Shine,
I fully agree with your views:
'..that we are doing the right thing and sailing in the right direction,...'
Blogosphere is a place to share our views and learn many things from our blogging friends like you.
God bless.

soulMerlin said...

you made me laugh and you made me smile and i agree.