Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cure yourself with your own medicine

This is going to sound as weird as can be, and crazy because this is how it sound to me the first time I heard about this therapy, this therapy has been used by ancient cultures like people in India, Aztecs, in the Tibet, and others, ... is called Shivambu kalpa, the ancient healing way, and this is the use of the human urin Your Own, in an specific way to heal certains sickness, before you stop reading this because it may have sound just to gross or disgusting, let me tell you a story, when I was 10 years old my Mom took me to the Alergologist because my alergies was so bad I could not breath and everything was giving me this itches, short of breath and more... so my Mom took me with this great alergologist she heard from somebody and the first thing he ask for before I went in the Dr's office was a huge jar of urine, I don't know exactly how, but then after they test on me all the vaccines in the search of all the alergens that my body reacts more, he give me this drops... that I swear I told my Mom, Mommy I think he is just giving me back my jar in drops!, so I took my treatment and everything went well, my alergic reacctions acctually stop after that to several multiple foods and external agents... I did not think about that again untill reading alternative medicine therapies I found this Shivambu Kalpa wich is been used by so many cultures in the ancient world specially and some still do, as chamanes, in the tibet and specially people that wants to heal and clean their bodies to the point of leting all that pollution so you can focus on the spiritual world. This is one of the multiple medicines that our Creator has giving us, and you may like it or not, It is true, ... But just in case you want to try it and get the benefits the key to this therapy is to take Just the
From the first urine in the morning

Wash the genital area before going...

Then colect in a glass or jar the urine just the one coming after you count to 5 seconds and 5 seconds before it ends, so what we want to do with this is take the one in the middle.
Because the first one because is so close to the urine meatus could have a little bacteria,...

So once that you get in your jar or glass about 5 onces at least drink it fast without thinking to much and thanking the Creator for giving you the medicine to heal your own body.

Important: People who has urine infecctions or is under medication, or pregnant, are not candidates for this therapy, untill this conditions are corrected with your family Doctor.

I have add a list of books in the blog and there is a few about this therapy if you are intrested in to learn more about this therapy.

The therapy is based generally in the idea that owr bodies waste to much of our inmunne cells and minerals that owr body needs but when sick doesn't retain this electrolites and cells, specially for the immune system affections this works great.


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I know, really weird but effective as a natural therapy. Thanks for reading!