Monday, January 28, 2008

The begining

There is nothing we can heal in our bodies, if we haven't heal our spirit, because this is the start of every condition, and contamination, if the spirit is contaminated with angry, envy, hate, bad energy colected, we will always have some symptom saying something is wrong. The mind send this energy to the glands to the endocrine system and the nerve system and this to all the organs. That is why this is very true... Healty Mind in Healty Body.
It doesn't work the other way, but you have to heal both. but now you know where to start. If you hate someone, if you don't forgive someone, if you envy someone, if you have any negative tought for others or for yourself, let it go, let your mind in blank and creat armony today and the rest of your life. Forgive yourself First of all, and love your God with all your heart.


Audrey said...

What a nice post. I so love to smile. I work hard on letting go of what I don't need and if it doesn't make me smile, I don't need it :)

Shine said...

that is a great actitude, keep woking hard on it :), that is a great way to creat armony. It is not easy but with the time becames part of your nature and stiks with you forever... :) thank you for your comment!