Friday, November 2, 2007

Tea for Winter and Light.

grow your own Herbal Tea Garden Seed PackHello everyone, the winter is here and I want to share with you some info about how Solar Light and even artificial light can be helpful to keep the balance in your body even in this season of the year.
Light plays a very important role in the physiology of our body, helping sintetize Vitamin D that helps get the Calcium into your bones and much more.
Two weeks ago I was having PMS symptoms as depression, mood swings. I read on the internet also about autumn depression wich is developed by many of us in diferent levels, as the lack of Light exposure affects us. So it is important to keep exposing ourselves to light, in our skin and trough our eyes. A teacher on Natural Medicine once share with me a secret,
Here is the tip.
You can use a 60 watts bulb, stare at the light for about 60 seconds at a distance of 3 feet from you, doing this every day for tree days and as you feel you need it could help. Also I was feeling depressed and for this matters there is nothing like an herbal tea made of chamomille, linden flowers, valerian, melissa before bedtime. And do not forget everyday if is not to cold to get outside and get as much solar light as you can and eat a lot of green vegetables. Hope you find this helpfull as it was for me, Have a great weekend!.
grow your own Herbal Tea Garden Seed Pack

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