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Colortherapy & Chackras

Hello, in this blog I want to share with you some information about colortherapy, this is the practice that uses the energetic radiations coming from the colors to help heal some conditions physical, emotional and spiritual. This therapy try with some procedures to bring this waves of light all over the body or where is needed.

Caracteristics and uses of the colors whith reference to the Chackras in our bodies, Chackra that means Circle or wheel in Sanscrit, makes reference to the 7 energetic centers located in the spiritual body but also correspond to the nerv pexus and endocrine centeres. Every Chackra represents a gland, physical and spiritual.

White asociated to the 7 Chackra Sahasrara
Chackra Keep toghetehr all the other chackras
Divine Gifts Pure, divine conexion, compasion, integrity.
Propeties Purify, antiseptic, antiviral, desinfectant.
Used to Everything that wants to be elevated or purified.
Medical Aplications All sicknesses.

Chackra 7 Chackra Crown of the head Sahasrara
Divine Gift Freedom, change, transmutation, spirituality, Knowledge superior of
the conscience. When open produces wisdom and divine light and love.
Propeties Stimulate, thermal, purifies, grow understanding.
Used to If blocked can lead to depression, confusion, bored, trouble learning.
use the color for Babies before be born. Forgiveness.
helps to Start proyects and purified your mind.
Medical Aplications Hair loss, eyes, ears, tumors, meningitis, nervous system, anxiety.
Mantra Nnnnn Nnnnn Nnnnn nasal visualization of white and all the colors
of the rainbow.

Dark Blue Chackra Kafna or Ajna Magno Center 1 st cerv. vertebrae
Chackra 6 Chackra between eyebrows Pituitariae Gland 3rd eye forehead
Divine Gift Healing, divine vision, balance, intuition.
Propeties Purify, sedative, cotrol of mind energy. Help take desicions.
If blocked causes blindness, nightmares, blurry vision.
Used to Personality with no balance or fear to the future.
Medical Aplications Nervs system, eye problems, ear and nose problems.
Mantra eeee eeee eeee visualization of the color Blue, Dark Blue.

Ligth Blue
Chackra 5 Chackra Throat Vishuaddha mens with purity. Laringe 3 cerv. vert.
Divine Gift Feith, peace, balance, will, inspiration. Comunication. If is blocked
people experiment inflamation in the throat, bad comunication, if open
you will have good control of the words.
Propeties Antiseptic, sedative, anestesic, electric, cold.
Used to Comunication problems. Stress. Creativity.
Medical Aplications Throat, feber, insomnia, infeccions, infamation, blisters. Viral process.
Mantra mnnn mnnn mnnn Visualization Blue Sky

Chackra 4 Chackra Heart 8cervical vertebrae Center of the Chest.
Divine Gift Stimulates Timo, if this Chacra is open and balanced all the others
chackras will be too. Heal Asma, heart, compassion, see in other people.
Truth, healing, constance, gratitude. Balance between mind and body.
Propeties Regenerative, fresh, shooteness, restaurative.
Used to Brings to the light everything hiden. Lies.
Medical Aplications Ulcers, heart, cancer, tumors, headeck, blood pressure, colds.
Mantra eee eee eee Use pink stones visualization of color Green.

Chackra Chackra Asociated to the 4th Chackra
Divine Gift Beauty, grace, compasion, harmony.
Propeties Inspiracion, suave, warm, sweet. Stimulate smooth energies.
Used to Lack of self love, or self apreciation. Promotes selfestime.
Medical Aplications Brain, sensorial nervs, skin, hair, pains.

Yellow Golden
Chackra 3rd Chackra Solar Pexus Manipura Jewel City
Divine Gift Illumination, wisdom, mental power. Stimulates reason.Ego,Emotions.
Propeties Stimulating, Laxative, channel to positive magnetic corrents.
Used to Learning problems, bad memory. Strenghten nervs.
Medical Aplications Stomach, prostat, intestin, liver, blader, tyroid, scarfs, diabetis, paralisis.
Mantra aaah aaah aaah
left hand in the belly button, right hand up.
visualization of the color Yellow Golden in your mind.

Chackra 2d Chackra Sexual Svadhishthana 1st lumbar vertebrae
Divine Gift Tolerance, creativity, artistic inspiration.
Propeties Digestion, stimulating, antidepression, warm, confort, restaurative.
Used to Depression, mental weekness, rage. Strong will and inspiration.
Medical Aplications Pancreas, kidneys, stomach, lack of calcium, respiratory system, back.
Is good to give massage to the abdomen to massage
intestins and making a circle around the belly
button as the clock goes from rigth to left
upper side and left to rigth in the lower side.
Mantra Vaaaam visualization of the color orange.

Chackra 1st Chackra Root
Divine Gift Will, corage, strenght, security, confidence.
Propeties Stimulative, Hot, sweat.
Used to Insecurity, adictive sustances, lazyness, dependence
Medical Aplications Liver, hernias, blood arteries and veins.
Over weight, constipation,anorexia, knees, intestins.
Mantra OOO OOO OOO breath in the first OOOh exale in second...
right hand in the chackra.
Visualization Red in your mind. Red Quartz or Ruby.

*Another ways to benefit from colortherapy

*Wear the specific Colors the right color for what you need.

*Drinking energized watter, use a bottle of the diferent colors with water, expose to the solar light for about 13 minutes then drink it.

*Breath energized air, use the same bottle and leave a space for air, when you open the bottle after leting get some sun light, then breath the air.

*Eat the fruits, vegetables and proteins and grains what contain the color you need, eat all the colors every day.

*Relax, close your eyes, breath and visualize colors, your breathing most be deep, ritmic and slow, espaciated so you can activate all your energetic fields in your body. Imagine you are inhaling the colors when you vizualize comes trought you nose and goes all over your body. Then you can say this afirmation
" Now I belive in the healt and strenght in every cell of my body"

*When you free the rage or madness or sadness this produces a unblockege of the energy. when you know the cause the vibration is elevated, then your body can be heal.
Take solar showers at least 15 minutes a day in the early morning. This will help stablish a healty balance between body, mind and spirit.
You can also use artificial lights with bulbs of the diferent colors.

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