Sunday, February 8, 2015

Preventing Ulcers and Ulcerative Colitis.

Ulcerative Colitis is a Chronic inflammatory disease of the Colon wall. The causes of these disease are a collection of conditions, especially the chronic inflammation of the color due to poor diet and stress or bacteria (chronic infection) or parasites, constipation caused for poor diet habits. A diet filled with processed foods and foods that make your pH acidic cause intestines inflammation, after a long time of exposing our colon to all kinds of toxins, the wall of the colon gets inflamed as a result you may have symptoms like colon pain, rectal bleeding, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, weight loss, weakness and fatigue. Also viruses, bacterias or parasites can take advantage of the acidic pH and weakened immune response so these also can be involved in the development of ulcers. However it can be the result of a autoimmune reaction or hereditary condition. The truth is that a body under so much stress has an acidic ph and losses the strength to fight germs and disease comes along, also the acidic pH in your body causes inflammation where cancerous cells can thrive. If you suffer from this condition you should see your doctor. But you can also try some folk remedies from all around the world to prevent and cure ulcers. Changing your diet can improve your digestive system health in a way you can't even imagine. More raw or cooked organic vegetables, fruits and grains. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, juices and healthy supplements. Organic Apple cider one tbs. in a glass of water every day helps maintain the pH of your body alkaline. Preventing and helping in the treatment of Ulcers: Reduce stress in your life, don't drink alcohol or caffeine, don't smoke, avoid sugars and refined flour. Avoid processed foods and cereals. HERBAL REMEDIES TO CURE ULCERS: Drink a a cup of tea of Sage, Boldo and Rosemary when you feel any sign of indigestion. The following herbs, barks and plants can be taken together or separate, ideal would be to find the dry or fresh ingredients and mix it all together in equal parts then add a pinch of the mix to 1 cup of boiling water. Cuachalalate = Cuachalalate Bark (Juliana adstringens, L) Sangre de Drago Dragon's Blood =Wild Cassada-root (Jatropha gossypifolia) Hierba del cancer-planta = wax bush plant, blue waxweed, clammy cuphea or ambiguosly tarweed (Cuphea viscosissima) Mangel Corteza = Mangrove Bark (rhizopora Mangle,L) Guaco Tallo = Guaco Stem (Arristolocha grandiflora, swartz) Coscomate Raiz = Winter Cherry Root, Ashwagandha, Asan, Asana, Asgand, Indian Ginseng (physalis alkekengi) Encino Corteza = Cork Wood Oak-bark, tanners bark,Eiche ( Juniper Quercus spp,L) Mulato Bark = Pygmaea Zamia Bark, (Zamia pumila) Huisache Root, Sweet Acacia = Sponge Tree Root, Huisache, Sweet Acacia (Acacia famesiana) I was able to find most of the ingredients on Amazon and here are the links. The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies Ayurvedic Medicine recommends Cyperus Rotundus Plant for digestive problems: Cyperus Rotundus has been use for millennia by the traditional Chinese medicine and in Indian Ayurvedic medicine "Caraka Samhita" ayurvedic medicine guide uses Banyan Botanicals Women's Support - Certified Organic, 90 Tablets - Promotes Vitality, Strength & Proper Function of the Female Reproductive System One more of my favorite teas and herbal supplements for digestive health is a mix of Sage Sage, Boldo Boldo, Rosemary = Rosemary

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