Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pureza Pure Silica Fiber Free Alpiste Lowers Sugar Levels in Blood.

Alpiste or also known as canary grass is an amazing aid when treating diabetes because is been discovered that alpiste milk enzymes will help lower the sugar blood levels in patients with Diabetes type II. Also helps your liver and pancreatic cells regenerate and be healthy. I always recommend to use Pureza Alpiste because is the only one safe for human consumption, the others must be totally strained and filter after mixed or blended and soak for two days before even blended. The seed has a shell with asbestos like fibers that should never be consumed by humans not even birds eat this shell, they crack it open and eat only the inside seed. To be safe use only Pureza Alpiste Pure and safe because is Silica Fiber Free. You still need to soak and blend and I like to use a strainer but the time of preparation shortens immensely. Many people drinks this enzymatic milk to loose weight because is nutritious and makes your body feel satisfy and free of cravings. Here is a video of how some people do this but again this time can be shortened and also be safer for you if you use the only alpiste for human consumption and Silica Fiber Free Alpiste Pureza Alpiste. There is a link to Pureza Alpiste at the top right corner of this blog so you can start enjoying the benefits of this amazing super food. Alpiste Milk preparation example video from the web.

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