Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just a thought.

Take nothing for granted, value every day with your loved ones, live everyday as if it was the last one, say and do the things you have always wanted to say and do. Say I love you and show love to everyone you love. We are visiting and our time on Earth is short, when you are young it feels like an eternity but as you grow up you understand that time goes by fast. So today and every day be happy with what you have because you have life and if you have life is because there is for you a mission to complete, learning to be happy is one of them, the rest is what makes of this life an exciting adventure. We are not alone even when it feels that way. So never take for granted your loved ones or anything in life and value every second, do the best of it. Love and be loved.


Carina CariƱosa said...

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Shine said...

Carina, you are 100% right, Natural healing is a way of life, is a life style :)