Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lime Juice Power.

I grew up in Mexico and one thing that was always at hand in the kitchen was limes! Limes are amazingly good immune system boosters, their levels of vitamin C, minerals and detoxify action on your liver from fats; this is why also limes and lemons are great for weight loss. Limes also are a natural antibiotic that help kill bad bacterial that hurts your digestion. Lemon juice helps your body to have an alkaline ph which eliminates infections and in general helps your health. Limeade instead of soda or other sugary drinks are delicious, refreshing and healthy for your family. You can use lime to make marinate steak or even cook some kinds of ground fish like ceviche. Did you know you can cook with lime juice? You can! Fish for example is cooked for the traditional plate called ceviche, you can make ceviche from your favorite fish you just need it fresh and grounded. Also you can make shrimp ceviche, or fish ceviche or a mix of both so you will add the juice of at least 10 limes as many that you can make sure that the fish or shrimp is totally wet and in contact with the lime juice, marinate overnight (refrigerated), then after you can drain that lime juice and add now the juice of 3-4 limes, then you can start adding Mexican Ceviche Beach Front Style. 1 lb of tilapia, bass, red snapper or halibut, or/and shrimp 10-15 limes (lime juice is what will cook your fish so don’t shorten the time to marinate/cook and use enough lime juice to cover all your fish/shrimp.) chopped tomatoes, (fresh) chopped onions, chopped cilantro, chopped oregano chopped jalapeno peppers, salt and pepper, 2 tbs of white vinegar tostadas , place your ceviche on top of the tostada avocado slices! Serve on top of ceviche Tabasco Sauce to add if you like. This is one of my favorite foods when you go to the beach front in Mexico, especially with fresh fish. Here is a good recipe the ingredients may vary.

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