Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homeschooling Busy and Fun..

Life is as busy as can be, or at least I believe that, now. As the days go by and I look back, I see a trail of acts of love and sacrifice, the enjoyable and not so enjoyable kind of sacrifices, the one that gives without counting and loves without expecting reward, but the doing itself of the loved action. That may explain why my blog has been neglected, as today my life is filled with activities for my children's growth, education, development and all is geared to give them the resources, tools and skills to conquer their world the way they may dream, to reach the goals that are precious to them, to fight for what is right after they have learn and studied. I am thankful to God of giving me the opportunity to mold His clay and all the Glory is to God, I pray they may live in a way that honors God so that they can live a happy life. I am thankful also to my hubby who I love so much, who has been supportive and loving.

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