Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain and scorpions.

The rain is falling all day long, it is nice to have rain after months of dry weather here in Texas. I was just enjoying the fact that scorpions were not around this year... until last night when I went into my bedroom and found one right at the door. Yikes! I can't stand this creatures, I know that they are just arachnid bugs with armor and venom, but when I see one... well, I just want to scream and run, but of course I can't do that, because if I do, the creepy crawly will just get into the sheets or in the bathroom or else and I don't want that, so I had to shape up and get the unfortunate bug. Anyone that have try to kill a scorpion knows how hard it is, not fun, at all! So I hope the rain doesn't bring any more unwanted guest over to my house :)

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