Friday, February 22, 2013

The worst toxin.

I am always talking about eating healthy but that is not the only way that will make you healthy, there is a most important part of us humans that needs to be feed with love, kindness, mercy but most of all love. The worst toxin is not the one from pesticides, is not the mercury in fish, is not the fluoride in the water we drink... what have us humans more toxic than radiation is not what comes in our mouth, but what comes out of our mouth, a good heart will speak love and mercy but a selfish one will speak what is inside and that is what intoxicates our soul and bodies the most. The fool thinks that all he does is right and is set on the ways that believes is right. But if you want to be wise you must be willing to learn, fail and try again, listen from others advise, is in the bible, if we want to be pure we must start in our heart, and don't intoxicate ourselves with our own mouth. A life of love is a happy one, love yourself and then love others. Healthy mind in healthy body.

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