Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Healthy Christmas!

Time to celebrate, show love and compassion for each other and the less fortunate, time for eating the most delicious meals and desserts!  Time to drink lots of orange juice and citrics as well as vitamins and minerals lots of fruit and veggies because the sickness season is here too,  we are down with some sort of cold and even when the weather is rather warm here in south Texas, the germs are having a party too :(.
Key words to thrive this sickness season
Equinacea + vitamin C
Chicken soup
Orange Juice and other citrus
Guayaba ( has the most amount of vitamin C)
Cucumbers (contain lots of minerals including Zinc)
If you feel the cold coming; get zicam right away this will make it either go away or las less time and will lower the severity of the cold.
and Have a cheerful heart!
Nothing like having the time to just sit together to enjoy a good movie or your favorite video game with your kids without any worries :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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